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Footwear soles

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We have manufactured footwear soles for over 20 years. Our offer comprises soles made from polyurethane, thermoplastic rubber and polyvinyl chloride. We offer a choice of soles for ladies' and men's footwear, as well as work and specialist footwear. We manufacture also using moulds provided by the customer.

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We serve customers of the niche market sector who need high quality polyurethane products in small and medium quantities. The company grows dynamically. We believe in quality and reliabili

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We specialize in polyurethane products

Our core activities include polyurethane processing based on customers' orders. We handle ...

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Manufacture of polyurethane components

We serve customers from various sectors, including furniture, automotive, medical, sports, footwear, building materials, OH&S and many others...

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We are a company with more than 20 years

We are known in 15 countries

We processed over 15 thousand tons of polyurethane

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